Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The one that got away

This is a picture from Facebook of The Wicked Witch of Southwest Virginia.  There is some mystery surrounding this wolf.  Rumor has it that something catastrophic occurred when it was left out in the rain.  (perhaps it melted???)  pictured with the witch/wolf is Toto from the Barter Theatre production of The Wizard of Oz. 

This is the perfect segue to post 2 of my favorite photos of  the vacation.


Painting our Own Wolves

Abbi and Cam will be going home with some Wolf souveniers that they painted themselves.

This unusual White Tail Deer was another favorite at Bays Mountain Park.

Bays Mountain

We also visited Bays Mountain in TN to see real wolves there.

They have 4 wolf pups.  We got to see them, but they were having naptime so it was pretty quiet.

This video shows them "not so quiet"
but you are really in for a treat when
one of the adults gives a howl.
This wolf was in an office and we had
 to ring the bell to be buzzed in. 
It was worth the extra step.

The wolf at Capo's, the biggest little music store in town.
We didn't see any celebrities, but we know they stop there.

The last wolf on the list was at the Wildflour Bakery

We Scored Big at the William King Museum
4 Wolves in one Place

The front
The back

Falcon wolf pup (back)


The first day of hunting ended with one sleeping in the backseat.  We coaxed him out to get one more and headed for refreshments.

don't forget your Ipod when you go running with this pup

This wolf came with a History lesson

I think this is someone's home so we tried to be sneaky,
 well, that is until Cam tried to look into the window
 to see if anyone was home (oops!) 
Thank You, residents of Abingdon, for your hospitality.

This Pack was hard to find, secreted away behind a home on Plumb Alley.

The Children almost climbed into the den to get some good close-ups

History in pictures
Bubbles wanted in on this shot

This patchwork quilt wolf is one of Abbi's favorites

We almost walked right by this engineer

Checking off another find in the Brochure

This is one of Abbi's favorites

The Pup at Figeredo's
 (a great Italian restaurant on Main St) 
They were closed so we snuck into the courtyard and took the photo through the window. 
This is tricky on a number of levels, but we DID it)

I hope we didn't disturb the diners at JJ's when we stopped in to see this wolf.
This is one of Cam's favorites.
Jailbird Sam

We went inside and heard the "true" story of Jailbird Sam. 

The 2014 Hunt begins

The Illustrious hunters from Illinois